Thursday, February 24, 2011

IIS 6 Losing Changes

Recently, I was setting up some new servers. I had to create some Virtual Directories in IIS. To my surprise, all of the changes I was making to IIS were getting lost after "iisreset".

I spent a couple of hours to diagnose the problem but could not find any solution. Eventually, the solution that worked for me is given below:

Do not perform "iisreset" after you make changes to IIS. Instead, run services.msc from Run prompt and perform restart on IISAdmin service. This will also restart depending services.

If you are only stopping IISAdmin, then the dependent services will also stop. Therefore, make a note of these services as you will have to start these services manually later on.

Once IISAdmin is restarted, you can then perform iisreset. Your changes will be retained by IIS.

I hope this post will prove to be helpful, should you face the same issue with IIS.


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